“The Culture of Glide Reflections…” Photo Archive

As I explained before, “Glide Reflections: What Art Can Tell about People” was a volunteer exhibition I conducted while an undergraduate at Beloit College.  This exhibition, on display in the Logan Museum of Anthropology’s famous ‘Cube,’ was a visual iteration of a term paper I wrote for a class the semester before.  This class, called “Cultural Approaches to Mathematics” (Course code: Math 103) tasked students with looking at how mathematics can be understood in various cultures, even through aspects like visual art.  My paper in particular considered the patterns present in art from around the world, with a particular emphasis on the pattern type called “glide reflections.” Simply put, this pattern is the alternation of a motif across a horizontal plane and moved a half step.  (for a visual, consider footprints in the sand).  This page offers other photos not on display on my main Prior Exhibits page.  Please feel free to look at these photos, and let me know if you would like to see the labels I wrote for this exhibition.

glide reflections title and part 1

glide reflections and me 1  glide reflections part 2 glide reflections part 3 glide reflections part 4 glide reflections part 5 glide reflections part 6 glide reflections part 7 glide reflections part 8 glide reflections part 9 glide reflections part 10 glide reflections part 11 glide reflections part 12 glide reflections part 13 glide reflections part 14 glide reflectiosn part 13

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