Welcome to Devon’s Digs!

On this page, readers will find postings of my work, both academic and museum-related.*  These include exhibitions as well as other projects.  I urge anyone interested in learning more about the exhibitions posted to contact me.

*Please note that everything on this website not attributed elsewhere is the result of my own work.  Using my work without proper citation is an act of plagiarism.  Please be respectful!

(C) Devon Armstrong 2012

Previous Projects:

1) The Beloit College Wright Museum of Art has a collection of Egyptian Artifacts in storage.  A previous student had inventoried and begun this project of cataloging them, but never finished, so in April of 2012, I was asked to finish what she began.  In doing so, I re-designed the layout of the catalog, took new photos, and changed the classification of a few objects, overruling the prior student and the accession file.

2) For Beloit College’s Museum Studies minor, each student must complete an independent project.  At the start of my senior year, and fresh out of my study abroad experience and summer internship at the Milwaukee Public Museum, I decided to focus my work on the ancient Mediterranean world.  After much deliberation with my advisor, I opted for a discussion on trade and mass-production in the Mediterranean Basin, carefully crafted in the form of a catalog raisonnee.

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