About Me


I am a current graduate student at Tufts University, pursuing a Master’s degree in Classical Archaeology.  I graduated Beloit College May 2012 with a B.A. in Anthropology and Classical Civilizations, with a minor in Museum Studies.  In Classics I earned Honors for my thesis and was additionally inducted into Eta Sigma Phi: the Classics honors association.  Currently, I am master’s candidate in Classical Archaeology, also at Tufts.

Currently, I work at the USS Constitution Museum gift shop as a sales associate and the Tufts Telefund as a professional fundraiser.  In the Summer of 2013, I interned at the Medford Historical Society, working with their collection of Civil War artifacts (see above photo).  My eventual goal is to become a curator or collections manager of a Near Eastern/Classics collection of a museum, with a focus on Ancient Egyptian antiquities.  My main interest with Ancient Egypt is in the intersect of archaeology and writing.  I am especially intrigued at how changes in religion over its 3000 year history influenced changes in monumental architecture. I am also interested at the power of the written word in Ancient Egypt, a mindset which has carried through to today.

Additionally, I contribute as a writer on a casual Magic: the Gathering community blog, Team Mana burn, which can be linked to in the “Blogs I Follow” list.  In particular, I write about my passion for my personal hobby – playing the EDH/Commander format of Magic: the Gathering.


If you wish to contact me, you may do so using my contact form (found below) or through my professional email: devon.w.armstrong@gmail.com. Please note that my Microsoft Live account has been de-activated, due to issues with their new server platform.

You can also follow me on Twitter (@devonsdigs) or on Instagram (also devonsdigs)