Calling for advice

As many of my personal friends know, I am a bit of a nerd. Specifically,  I love playing the card game “Magic: the Gathering.” Currently, I have amassed a small collection, as well as several decks. I find deck-building to be almost as much fun as playing – kind of like when I design an exhibit. Indeed, these decks could even be considered “exhibits” of my collection – the pieces currently on “display” (i.e. being used).

To make this analogy even more literal, I have decided to embark on a new project – inventorying my collection and inputting them into a museum database. Unfortunately, I cannot afford the databases that are most widely used by museums: Emu, re:Discovery, PastPerfect, etc. Also, I am already well-versed in PastPerfect and have had some experience with the other 2 listed here. Instead, I am interested in trying my hand at some of the free systems out there. A simple google search uncovers a long list, which is where my need for advice comes in: is there a particular free database that is gaining traction? One that I should absolutely learn? Please comment here or message me through my contact form with suggestions!

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