The Beginning of a New Semester

A new semester has begun at Tufts University, and with it a new program. This year, I officially begin my Master’s in Classical Archaeology, now that my internship is drawing to a close.  I am still working at the MIT Museum, but in a limited role, for I am a TA of a course this fall, Classics 0037: History of Ancient Greece.  Not only will I be grading in this course, but I am also teaching a discussion section once a week, with approximately 15-20 students from the larger seminar class.  Additionally, I return to my position at the Tufts University Art Gallery, but with a change – guided tours!  Now refreshingly trained in VTS, or Visual Thinking Strategies, I will be giving tours to groups throughout the year.  This does not mean that my other duties have changed, however.  Indeed, I am once again taking up the mantle of marketing, with a return to my weekly post “Devon’s Pick of the Week.”  Originally posted to the Tufts University Art Gallery Facebook Page, I will also post them on this website, so keep an eye out for those!

As for courses, I am taking an advanced level Archaeology of Ancient Egypt and the Near East course, as well as a refresher course in Greek.  I am also taking Latin, but as the summer intensive only prepared me for Latin 3 (undergraduate-level Intermediate Latin – as expected), I am taking an intense independent study with my adviser to get me from Latin 3 to what is effectively Latin 6 – a graduate-level Latin course in the Spring.  I’m nervous, but I should be OK.

Wish me luck, and have a good semester everyone!

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