Exhibition Planning

Hello All,

Sorry that I have not posted in some time, but I have been hard at work in class!  Also, I have been working on a special post, which I’m doing research for, so look out for that in the coming weeks.  To placate you all, though, I wish to share what I have been working on in my Exhibition Planning class at Tufts.  The students in this course are tasked with designing, researching, and installing an exhibition by the end of the semester in the Tufts University Art Gallery’s Koppelman Gallery (on the lower level).  This semester, students have been granted access to the Merriam collection at the Boston Public Library, which contains the singular collection of illustrator Boris Artzybasheff’s images.  these include the images he created for children’s books between the 1920s and the 1930s, and which are the foci of this exhbibiton.

We have been hard at work at our proposals.  First, we were to present our own individual proposals, based on what we would like to see.  This was turned in a few weeks ago (I will be putting mine up on the “Previous Work page of this blog soon). From those, we were placed into small groups to create a group proposal, which we will present to the class tonight! The next step will be to combine these all together to create the single proposal that we will pursue for the actual exhibition (I hope it’s ours!)

Here is the Prezi presentation we created for tonight.  I hope you agree that it’s awesome! 🙂



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