Graduation! And Post-Graduation!

Hello everyone!

I know that I have really been slacking off this year, even after I promised to continue updating this blog, but I have been very busy with my senior year.  Speaking of, I’d like to inform you all that I have [finally] graduated from Beloit College!  It shouldn’t be a surprise to any of you, but I’d like to say that I was able to earn Departmental Honors in Classical Civilizations for my senior thesis, which my advisor loved!

That said, I know that the burning question is, “What now?”  This is a perfectly fair question, but a little more complex than it seems.  I do have a final response in terms of the next school year.  Yes, it is true.  Academics hasn’t gotten rid of me yet, for I am attending Tufts University near Boston, MA this fall!  I will be working toward a certificate in Museum Studies through their Classical Archaeology department, a one-year program that will come complete with an internship at one of the amazing museums in Boston!  After that, I currently plan on attending University College London, to which I have currently deferred a year.  This is great, as it gives me a year to try and get finances in order.  That said, depending on the availability of options (i.e. employment) in Boston, I may find myself staying there, and probably getting a Masters at Tufts, which is easily done.  We’ll have to wait and see,

As for the summer, well…

I’ve applied for several jobs, including the following: The National Park Service (for one of 6 different positions- rejected from all), the 9/11 Memorial Museum (had an interview, but have not been contacted since), the Museum of Science in Boston (no contact since, though I’ve followed up), and most recently the Museum of Fine Arts, also in Boston.  The 9/11 Memorial Museum position is a paid internship position, whereas the two in Boston are real jobs.  The position at the Museum of Science is for an interpreter of their summer exhibit Lost Egypt: Ancient Mysteries, Modern Science, and would end right at the end of the summer (and theoretically starts soon!), and the position at the Museum of Fine Arts is for an Exhibit and Design Preparator, which runs through next June.  The courses at Tufts are in the evening, so I could easily do these jobs, but I haven’t heard back.  Cross your fingers for me!

I’ll keep you in touch about my search for post-graduate employment (oxymoron much?) as the search continues.  As for now, I don’t know what I’m doing, besides chilling out and helping out at my parents’ house.


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