Drift Like a Stratus Cloud Above the Caribbean

Hello y’all!
I know, I know. It has been a severely long time since I’ve last updated, even though I promised I would. For that, I apologize. However, I have been very busy this past summer, with my (absolutely awesome!) internship at the Milwaukee Public Museum, and the Fall semester, during which I was completely busy. therefore, before I jump into what I am doing now, let me recap this last six months. Throughout the summer, as I just mentioned, I was an intern at the MPM, where my primary job was working with Carter Lupton, Head of History and Anthropology, with preliminary design work of the new Ancient Worlds exhibit. I came up with a floor plan proposal, which included possible exhibit cases and artifact research. It was an amazing experience, and I thank Dawn Sher Thomae and Carter Lupton for agreeing to take me on to participate!
After my internship ended, I began my Fall semester of Senior year at Beloit College. Having taken 5+ credits before, I figured that I could easily do the same this semester, and thus took on as much. At the beginning of the semester, I was signed up for Religious Studies 250 (Interdisciplinary Approaches to Religion), Art History 285 (Houses of God), Anthropology 380 (Senior Seminar), The first .5 credits of Museum Studies 390 (my special project- a catalog raisonee of the Mediterranean collections of the Wright and Logan Museums) and Classics 390 (my thesis on Egyptian Hieroglyphics), as well as Anthropology 351 and 352. This first was a .5 unit prep course for the second, which is my Jamaican field school. This is where I am now, in Kingston, but more on that in a bit. While I was taking all of these classes, I also took it upon myself to study and take the GRE in September, then apply for twelve graduate schools all at once. Then, just before fall break, I realized that I could not handle this any more. I had to drop a class, and so, after much gut-wrenching, I dropped RLST 250. Then, my semester got much better for me, and I managed to pull through with my sanity. I even managed to get out my draft to Gilman, and gave a Symposium on my ten days in Egypt to supplement it.
Fast-forwarding to now, I am in Kingston, Jamaica, preparing for my field school. Unfortunately, yesterday during my first full day here, I got a horrific migraine, the likes of which I have not had in a long time! Today, I was feeling much better, but I had some residual pain here and there today. Fingers crossed, it’s all gone now. Tomorrow, we are meeting as a group and then individually with Lisa and Nancy (my professors) about our field work, and how we go about doing it. This is good, as I must admit that I am feeling apprehensive. My proposal was not as strong as I would have liked it to be (though, admittedly my latest draft was much Much MUCH better than what I began with) and I have never conducted field research before. It’s exciting, and anxiety-inducing, so wish me luck! I’ll put up some photos later, but for now, Good night!

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