Finally! Day 5!

Hey all!

Sorry that I keep getting behind on my posts; I’m just putting up the last day in Greece, and now I have more photos to share, from the last few weeks in Turkey!  I will update you all on that soon (and I’ll lump all the photos together to catch up), but for now, let me finish focusing on Greece.  On my fifth day, I got up pretty early and went to the train station, to get a train out of Athens.  Weirdly enough, they said that there was no train to Istanbul, and sent me via subway to the bus station at the next stop to get a bus from there.  The people at the sub station, however, had no idea where the bus station was, though, and sent me back to the train station.  When I returned, I just decided to get a train ticket to Thessaloniki (which means something like “Victory of the Sea”- nike  means victory and thessalas means sea…specifically the Mediterranean).  From there, I got directions to the coach center, where I got a ticket for the bus leaving at 10 pm.  Since it was 5-ish pm when I got there I had a few hours to kill, so I took the guy’s advice and went to see the White Tower right on the coast, which is the symbol of the city.  Then, I tried to go the Archaeology Museum, but it was closed (big surprise).  On my way back, I came across an interesting-looking building on a side street, so I decided to check it out.  It turned out to be the catacombs of St. Ionnias (whoever that is in English), and the adjacent church.  After touring that, I continued on my way back to the shore, and came across the Greek “Hagia Sophia” (which was not like the Turkish one at all).  I went in and stayed for a portion of some ceremony, though I think that it was more of a concert as the entire time it was various choir groups singing (and as it was a Thursday, it didn’t make sense for there to be a ceremony, unless they were doing  Good Friday service early).  Afterward, I returned to the bus center, where I then began my trip home.  I reached Istanbul’s eski garaj at around 7 in the morning.  Luckily for me, there were free shuttles all around Istanbul (well, the European side at least), so I took one to Taksim, then from there took a ferry to Kadikoy, and then the bus back.

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