Motorcars and the Mediterranean

Day 4!

This day, I got up fairly early and decided to revisit all the sites that were closed my first time around.  This included all of the sites left on my ticket (which, interestingly enough, learned afterward that I had never needed to get, since students got in for free-12 euro wasted :/).  It’s OK, though, since the ticket gave me an itinerary to follow.  I first went to The Temple of the Olympian Zeus, next to the Roman Agora, and then to Hadrian’s Library.  It was here, interestingly enough, that I ran into my new-found friends from Strathclyde.  After touring the site together, we split up again; they to the Temple of the Olympian Zeus, and I to the Ancient Agora (form which they had just come).  Finally, after revisiting all of these sites (and legitimately seeing them), I took a subway train to Piraeus, with the intention of visiting a Greek island and going swimming in the Mediterranean.  Unfortunately, ferry fares were too steep for me, so I opted instead to head for the beach, where I did in fact take a dip in the Mediterranean.  IT WAS F@#$%^& FREEZING…but well worth it to say that I did take a dip in the Sea.  From here, I returned to Athens, where I stopped at the Hellenic Motor Museum to see what I had missed before…the car show (grandpa, this is for you).

In this post are all of my pictures from the Hellenic Motor Museum.  There is an interesting lighted sign of a guy excavating in a cave, which I took on my way home on the first day from the Museum.  This provides a perfect break for the two days, for your convenience.  The following post will provide the photos from the rest of Day 4!

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