Picking Up Where I Left Off…


So after those necessary posts, I need to finish sharing my ridiculous number of photos from Greece.  Where I last left you, I had just seen the Archaeological Museum of Athens.  Now we move on to Day 3, and my climb to see the Church of St. George on the Rock.  On this day, as I was headed out to see the Church, I stopped at the Panathenaic Stadium, where the Olympic torch begins (signifying where the games began) and took a free audio tour.  It was quite illuminating.  Next, I continued to the Church, where I met some other traveling students.  Funnily enough, this trio of guys are also studying abroad…but at the same university that my friend from Beloit, Beth Hanson, is studying at- The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland!  We decided to hang out together, and even shared a (cheap) bottle of Grecian white wine as we enjoyed the view from the terrace (mandatory pic included in the bunch!)  From there, we meandered along, coming across a modern theatre on the back side of the hill (closed), and then continued around the city.  I eventually left them, as they were returning to their hostel, and continued on my way to the train station to get the schedule, coming across the Hellenic Motor Museum.

This last was oddly situated.  It was actually in what seemed to be a kind of mall.  To see this museum, you start by meandering up the spiral ramp, along which at approximately two foot intervals is a case with a wheel (I say wheel, as there are recreations of the “original wheel” along with modern car tires) and a description of the vehicle it came from.  Upon reaching the third floor, there was a coffee shop, called the “Pit Stop.”  I popped in here to look at the model cars displayed.  Then, I continued to the fourth floor, the floor where the car show begins.  However, as it was 20 minutes to 8, they did not let me in, as I wouldn’t have had time to see everything.  Therefore, I was told to come back tomorrow, which I did, after swimming (more later on this later).  All of the photos from the Hellenic Motor Museum will be lumped together in the same post, for your convenience.  However, please enjoy my photos from the rest of Day 3!

*One last thing: Mom, there is a picture in here of some yellow flowers and another of a regular plant, one that gave me a momentary itch and some bumps (it wasn’t poison ivy or oak, that I know, especially since the reaction dissipated quickly)  Also, there is in a previous post pictures of beautiful red flowers.  I was wondering if you could ID these for me?  Thanks!

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