Taksim Tale

So here’s a weird story for you:

I was in Taksim today with a friend of mine (We were looking for a specific cafe where she will be having a meeting next week), and were crossing the bridge between Karakoy and Eminonu.  As we were crossing the bridge, a guy walked in front of us, carrying his shoe-shining equipment.  Suddenly, one of his brushes dropped from the crate in which he carried everything.  To be nice, I picked it out and called out “Afferdisiniz!” (Excuse me!) to get his attention and returned it to him.  He thanked me, and then noticed my friend (who has blonde hair).  He immediately grabbed her hand and kissed it, asking where she was from (America) and then went to shake my hand.  He asked us if were married, at which we laughed and said “No, we’re just friends,” (but I don’t think he believed us).  He then grabbed my hand and pulled me down, to polish my shoes.  I tried to refuse, but he insisted (and wouldn’t let go of my hand).  All the while, my friend was standing back, laughing too hard to help me.  Eventually, I had to give in (if nothing else, to get my hand back) and he shined my shoes.  While he was doing this, he talked to us about his “kids” who both live in Anatolia (and asked us if we had kids-See? Told you he didn’t believe us!)  Finally, he let me go, and to be nice we gave him 5 lira “for the kids.” As we continued to Eminonu, we realized that he probably purposefully dropped the brush to get our attention, and that he probably didn’t have kids…aka: we’d been had.

How’s that for a story? Haha

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