Day 2- The Archaeological Museum of Athens

Day 2 in Athens started late.  I got up at around 1, since all the traveling I had done on Saturday, and my subsequent wandering all over the city on Sunday finally caught up with me.  I met a friend of mine, Maddy Kramer (a Beloiter studying abroad in Greece) for a late lunch, and then decided to take her suggestion and see the Archaeological Museum of Athens (since it was after 3 at that point and, of course, everything was closed).  Here are all the photos that I took.  I was very rushed, as I wanted to read everything, but the Museum is too big to do this in an afternoon. I missed quite a bit, but considering how many of the rooms were closed due to insufficient security staff, I feel that I missed less than it appears on the surface (I only saw the first floor, and there was an upstairs and a downstairs besides). Please enjoy!

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