Hello Greece! (translation) and Hello everyone!

I’ve been in Greece for a little over 4 hours now, and already I’ve noticed many stark differences between here and Turkey.  For one, EVERYONE here speaks fluent English (and I swear with almost no accent) and are very helpful (not that Turks aren’t, but it’s easier to be helped when both parties understand what the other is saying). Also, the weather here is BEAUTIFUL! It’s about 70 degrees and sunny, and promises to be so all week (whereas Istanbul continues to be randomly dreary, rainy, cold, and sunny).  Besides that, the air seems fresher, cleaner, unlike Istanbul.

Below are the photos I have taken already (there aren’t too many).  The first two I think are kind of funny, as they show a Grecian ad for something, but if you look closely, there’s a dog pooping just behind the woman (not exactly something I would put on an advertisement).  Next are several images from the bus into the city from the airport, followed up by the playful decor of my youth hostel (with emphasis on the youth).  The place is called Pagration Youth Hostel, and it is mainly staffed by children (I’m assuming of the owner).  They’re a very nice, helpful lot, eager to please, and ready with answers.  For instance, they have given me a map of the city.  In terms of amenities, there is washing for 4 euro, showers (50 euro cents for a 7-minute shower, guaranteed to be hot), free wifi, and a fully-stocked kitchen.  It’s very cozy and colorful, and most definitely artistic.  I think, for instance, that Connor would love it here 😛

Also below are two head shots of me, sporting my new haircut.  I got it about a week ago on campus for 15 lira (approximately $9.30 American).  It’s really a good price when you consider that he shampooed and conditioned my hair to prevent itchiness, trimmed away the hair on my ears, and even cleaned my ears (first time that I’ve had either of the two done while getting a haircut).  I had to give the guy a tip, which I think was about 3 lira (it was what I had in coins in my pocket at the time).

Anyway, back to why you’re still looking at this post, pictures!  Here they are, Enjoy!


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