Day 2: Stops 2, 2.5, and 3!

After returning from the site of Çatalhüyük, I decided to go to the Arkaeoloji Muzesi, as (According to my guide book) it is an extension of the site itself…I was not really impressed with the museum, especially as the “main” attraction, that of the remains of an infant found intact, seemed out of place with the rest of the collection.  Additionally, right next door was a mosque (which, I came to discover, had a museum in back of it that I was able to visit).  This second museum was much like the Woodwork and Mevlana’s Museum; it even had a hair from Muhammed’s beard on display (I couldn’t take photos of that particular artifact).  Here are the photos from both sights.  The photos from Sahib-i ata Camii are first, followed by the photos from the Arkeoloji Muzesi (the same order I saw them in).

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