Hello, everyone!

I’m sorry that I’ve been taking my sweet time with my photos, but I have over 300 to share! Therefore, I’d like to get started by showing a few images of the city of Konya itself, my hotel (both the outside, and my room), and (strangely enough) a high school. This last deserves explanation.  When I first arrived in Konya, I decided to immediately go to Mevlana muzesi (Mevlana’s Museum.  you may know Mevlana as the poet Rumi).  There, I ran into a couple of high schoolers who wished to interview me as part of their homework for their English class.  I agreed.  after a short interview (Who/how are you, how do you like Turkey, what do you think of the people, of Ataturk, etc), they offered to join me in the museum, to help with translating things.  I agreed, wanting someon who spoke Turkish to help me.  After we toured the museum (FYI, those pictures will be in the next post), they offered to show me around town and, as high schoolers, that meant joining them to see the heart of their world…their school.  It was rather interesting.  It was a technical high school (think Gateway), but the main building looked like any other high school. I found it amusing that, no matter what country one’s in, an institution of secondary education is going to look just that…secondary.  Here are the first batch of photos, so enjoy!

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