Another Update!

Hey all,

So I know that I had just updated you with my pictures and experiences at Cappadocia, but I also want to fill you in on the awesomeness that was the last hour.  A bunch of Turkish and Erasmus students ganged up for a mega-snowball fight on Yeditepe grounds.  We actually went through all the snow in the immediate area, down to mud and slush (as the ground, strangely enough, isn’t frozen enough).  I’m soaked to the bone, I had a few artillery strikes bash my head, I slid several times in the mud, and it was utterly amazing!  I hope that it snows again soon so that we can do it again!  Though, perhaps next time we can avoid the last bit of the battle, when someone took his SUV and drove down the road, explicitly for people to throw snowballs at.  I was very concerned that the driver would lose control and swerve of the road, perhaps hitting one of the snow soldiers.  Therefore, I tried to stay back, out of immediate danger of this happening to me.

Further, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve changed my blog.  I was growing tired of the Vostok template, especially since the header I had chosen no longer matches where I am studying (not that I’m giving up or anything).  I just felt that it was time for a header that reflected where I am actually studying.  Plus, I like the look of the map with this template more than the Pyramids, which fit better with the color scheme of the Vostok.  Tell me what you think!

One last point: My Turkish class has a wonderful attendance policy.  Because the timing of the classes are so uniform that I can decide which days to go, I’ve decided that in a couple weeks (the week of March 20th to be precise) I will skip class on Wednesday, opting instead to take the Friday afternoon class.  By doing this, Monday evening through very early (like 3 am) Friday morning I am free to travel.  My plan is currently to take a 13.5 hour train ride to Konya, a city near the famous archaeological site of Catalhuyuk.  The cost of the trainride (roundtrip) is about half of the cost of the same trip on a plane or bus, but I may decide to take a plane if I decide I don’t wish to ride for 27 hours total on a train, or if someone decides to accompany me.  I will update you with my plans once I finalize them.  Until then, enshallah!

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