A quick update

Hey all,

Just want to update you all on what has been going on with me.  It turns out that ATM fees on top of other fees have been screwing me over, and now I have little money left in my bank account.  The really annoying thing is that I couldn’t even avoid or minimize them, thanks to the limits of this temporary debit card.  Further, I was supposed to receive some money from Beloit, which has yet to come through, despite the fact that it should have by now, and (of course) I still can’t find a way to cash my traveler’s checks.  This means that I’m living on limited funds, and have been forced to really cut back.  It is a good thing that there are street vendors who sell these sesame ring breads for 1 TL, as that has been my lunch for the last couple days.  For dinner today, I got a sandwich at one of the restaurants nearby, and am saving half of it for tomorrow’s lunch, turning one meal into two.  Despite this, I’m still very low.  I hope I can find a place to cash those traveler’s checks soon.

On to lighter, better news, however:

Gene Miller, my Classics advisor at Beloit, sent an email to me today.  He first of all remarked at how amusing he found it that Egypt is supporting the union protesters in WI, to which I replied by sending him a photo I found on the internet (which can be seen below):

The great news, however, is that he has asked me to be his TA for Ancient Egyptian Civilization, which he will be teaching this upcoming fall!  I, of course, accepted, so now I know one of what I’m doing next semester.

Besides this, I don’t really have anything new to add.  today was a slow day; the only class I had was Turkish, which is really proving to be a frustration, and not because Turkish is proving particularly difficult.  It’s just that the professor is really not organized and is always jumping all over the place instead of having some form of cohesiveness.

Oh, last night, I taught a few of the guys how to play rummy, one of whom didn’t really get it, but he was really tired so I can’t really fault him.  He just needs more practice.  The other has voiced the desire to play again, and another friend of mine wants to learn, so it looks like that’s what I’m doing this evening, along with watching a soccer game (Excuse me, football match…rolls eyes).

That’s it for now, but I’ll keep you posted!  I have a poem that I’ve written that I want to tweak before posting, so keep a look out for that!

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