Updates and Clarifications

Hello all,

I was just looking over my previous posts, and realized that I still need to clarify some things and update you on others.  For starters, I would like to mention something about CLS, for those (few) of you who don’t know about it.  It is a summer intensive language program at Beloit College, specializing in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.  The goal is that in 8 weeks one learns what ordinarily takes an entire school year to do.  I have taken two summers of Arabic, and do wish to continue my studies, though the possibility of doing so at the present time is nil.  The plan was to study Egyptology and Arabic at AUC, and then return home to start my internship, but now that I am in Turkey studying Anthropology, Turkish, and History, I don’t have that option.  Therefore, I plan on continuing my Arabic studies at some later point, though it will probably not be until after I graduate.

My plan for my trip for my tourist visa is to go to Greece.  Currently, I am looking at traveling into Greece from the European side of Turkey via train.  Then, I plan to make my way south using various forms of transportation, seeing the sights, until I reach Athens.  Then, I wish to take a ferry to one of the Grecian islands near Turkey, such as Chios.  From there, I then  take a ferry back into Turkey, and then return to Istanbul.  If the trip becomes too long, I can always nix the ferry route and return via airplane.

After this semester ends, I hope that I can return to Egypt to travel, but if not I have many possibilities to return at a later date.  At the moment, my plan is to finish out my schooling at Beloit, and then either attend AUC’s Arabic intensive during a summer session, or the semester after my graduation.  I could also find myself there for graduate school in Egyptology, though I am also looking at the University of College London (my top choice, as it is the premier school for Egyptian archaeology), Penn State, University of Memphis (Egypt), and Brown University.  Further, I am thinking about waiting on receiving my PhD  in Egyptology, in favour of first receiving a master’s in Museum Studies.  I am trying to find a dual program for both of these, but it is proving nigh on impossible.  The plan with doing the master’s in Museum Studies first is that I can obtain fairly quickly, and can then become employed in a museum whilst I obtain my PhD in Egyptology.  We’ll have to see how it pans out.

Finally, as I am sure you all (who didn’t already know) have been able to glean from this post, I have in fact obtained an internship at the Milwaukee Public Museum!  I will be working under Carter Lupton, who is the only archeologist on staff at the MPM.  I will be helping him with various activities associated with the Egyptian collection and associated exhibits.  I can’t delve into too much detail, but suffice it to say that it is perfect!

Thank you for your support; pictures from Turkey will be coming soon.

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