To Be or Not to Be…A Military State

So, according to Al-Jizeera, it’s official!  Mubarek has stepped down from his position as president…and given over power to the Supreme Council of the armed forces.  You can read it HERE

I am not sure what this means for Egypt, other than that the military has finally realized the Royal Flush that they’ve been holding in their hand this entire time.  My opinion is that the people are really putting a lot on faith that the military will disband the emergency laws if they stop.  I’m worried that the military may make a run to change Mubarek’s police state into a military state, but we shall see.

This information comes just a day after Mubarek had said that he would not step down, only transfer powers to his VP…who happens to be one of his friends and supporters (hmm…coincidence?)  Then, a mad rush of people attempted to storm the presidential building, to force him out, and the military let them by.

Here are some other stories from the last few days for you to read.

Al-Jizeera: Egyptian Army Emergency Law Pledge

BBC- Mubarek Resigns

BBC- Egyptian Markets Functioning

BBC- World Leaders React

CNN- Mubarek Steps Down

Mubarek’s Statement

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