Gotta Love Loopholes

Here’s an update on my Visa:

The head of the international office took a look at my passport today, to see what kind of Tourist visa I have.  I turns out that I have a multiple-entry visa good for 90 days, which means that we can forget about worrying about my other visas.  Let me explain.  I do not have to leave the country today, return to the States, and get the student visa.  No.  All I do is wait until an opportune weekend no later than mid-April, and leave the country, and chill there for a few days and see the sights.  Then, I come back to Istanbul and get a new travel visa for another 90 days.  If the visa people in the airport ask, then just say that I decided to visit for a little while longer.  I’m only going to be here until early June, so it won’t matter. My visa status doesn’t matter for the university, only for the Turkish government, and I will have a valid visa, therefore I’m fine.  Apparently, other students have done this too.  Further, I get to avoid having to go three hours away to attempt to get a residence visa, which is only important if the person is studying for the year or is planning on leaving and coming back.

So yeah, basically the Turkish government is requiring that I take a holiday in Athens.  How’s that for awesome?  Hahahaha

One thought on “Gotta Love Loopholes

  1. Haha! I did the same thing when I was in Jordan, because I didn’t want to bother with all of the paperwork to get a residency card. Have fun in Greece.

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