The Lord Giveth, and the Lord Taketh Away

Hey all,

Sorry here’s the newest development in Murphy’s Month: I have hit a snag with my Turkish Visa.  Apparently, in order to be able to leave the country and return while a student, I need a residence visa, but in order to get it I need a student visa.  Not a problem right? Wrong.  Even though I’m in Turkey, and could freaking show up to the Ministry to deal with it, I apparently can only get the student visa at a Turkish consulate in the States, a problem for me, as I (of course) am in Turkey.  So what the International Office at Yeditepe and I are trying to do is see if the Police Dept (which handles the visas) will allow me to get a residence visa with a document from the Student Affairs Office (in Turkish of course) that explicitly states that I am an enrolled student, living in one of the dorms here.  Hopefully, that in combination with my extenuating circumstances, should be enough to fix the problem.  However, if I have to return to the States to get the damn Visa, I will be extremely frustrated and angry, so I hope that, for my new roommate’s sake as well as mine, that I don’t have to do that really unnecessary trip.

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