January Hates Me

Hello everyone,

So as you all know by now, Egypt is under political unrest; the likes of which will probably reverberate throughout the Middle East for quite a while.  Thus, I have been evacuated from Egypt and brought to Istanbul (not Constantinople) where it turns out I will be staying for the “remainder” (aka “all”) of my semester (which many of you knew long before I did.  Go figure).  So let’s lay out my problems with this last month, shall we?

1. I get in a van accident the night before I fly

2. My dad can’t find my phone when he empties said van

3. My Magic cards are still in my possession

4. My (temporary) debit card despises me

a. It isn’t backed by Visa or Mastercard, so the ATMs at AUC won’t accept it, so I had to go into the city

b. I can’t use it as a card to pay for things in stores

c. I can only withdraw a certain amount of cash per day

5. I made the mistake of listening to my family and putting some money in traveler’s checks, which are basically not accepted anywhere

a. The only place I found that would cash them had their system down when I went

6. Riots broke out the day I was going to go to the Pyramids, and now I’ve been evacuated from the country

7. Some of my friends left me at the airport in Istanbul, forcing me to find my own way.  Good news is that I remembered another friend’s phone number, and am now at the same hostel with her group (here must be the transition from the shitty January to a (hopefully) better February)

8. What else? Oh yeah, when I arrived, the guards at Gate 4 didn’t know that they were supposed to call the RAs, so they just sent us on our way to the AUC dorms in an unfamiliar, BIG campus, at night, without any help to carry my bags

9. One of my bags is still at AUC.  I probably won’t be seeing that bag for quite some time.

10. I have a package from grandma in the mail, that will probably be getting to AUC any day now (or not, considering the rioting, and will actually just be stuck on some tarmac somewhere)

11. I dunno when I’m being reimbursed for anything from AUC, and not just tuition, but the trips that I paid for (with my own money, I might add)

12. I had been without internet (and therefore without means of communication) for half a week

13. I was ripped off in Khan al-Khalili, though my 100-pound scarf is real Egyptian cotton (the flame test proves it)

14. Now that I actually have a lot of money in Egyptian pounds, they’re currently worthless.

15. I STILL CAN’T CASH MY TRAVELER’S CHECKS! (I know that I’ve already said this, but it deserves re-iterating)

16. I STILL HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHING IN EGYPT! (Except the mosque, church, and synagogue, which were cool, but not Ancient)

I think that about fills my rant for now, though if I thought about it, I probably have more to add for the list.  For now, let me enjoy where I am and try and de-stress (oh!  That’s another!  Damn stress is at it again.  My twitches returned these last few days)

2 thoughts on “January Hates Me

  1. I agree that it’s a complete bummer that this had to happen right after you got to Egypt, after you had been waiting so long to go. But, you are safe, whatever happens in Egypt now, so that is important. And you have an adventure to talk about for a long time, even if it’s not the one you wanted.

    Instanbul should be neat, once you get your bearings. And I hope the money issues settle down, too. It’s crummy to find out about all those limitations after getting over there. Can the university you are at now help with that at all?

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