It's a Small World.

Hello all,

Just wanted to say one more thing on what had happened the other day in Cairo; on the way to Zamalek, I met one of the ALIN (Arabic Intenstive) students, who will then go to grad school, and you’ll never guess where he did his undergrad…He’s a Beloiter!  We ended up talking about Beloit the entire way down into Zamalek!  It’s was a rather surreal experience.  Then, the next day, I met a student who knows two people who go to Beloit!  Beloit keeps popping up, even over here in Cairo!

One last thing; the campus that Osama (The taxi driver took me to) was the downtown graduate school campus, very far away from the residence that I knew, which was why he took me so far away, and why I didn’t know where I was.

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