Leaving Tomorrow!

Hello all!

On this eve of leaving the states, it’s only fair that I update you on what has been happening these last few days.  First of all, I am officially packed for tomorrow, and everything is in readiness.  I will be heading out tomorrow morning to my grandparents’ in McHenry, IL, and then they have ordered me a car service to take me to O’Hare by 2 (so that I can go through the 2-3 hr international security checkpoints).  2 days ago (as some of you know) I went to Beloit to see some of my friends before I left, and spent the night.  The next day I had several errands to run (as well as helping some other friends with theirs).  Then, with the roads as bad as they were, I decided to run home, without selling my magic cards like I had hoped.  This brings me to the big news of the day:  TODAY.  I was running last minute errands (getting my new reading glasses, new bank set up, my driver’s license renewed) and I needed to go back out, in an attempt to sell my magic cards at the store.  I was taking Elm Ridge into town, and the van slid on some black ice…and into a tree!  I AM FINE (aside from seatbelt burn) but the airbag deployed and some power lines that were threaded through the tree came down, so the Fire Dept, the Police, and an ambulance all came.  This will not affect my leaving tomorrow, though I will (and already am) feel sore from the whiplash.  So, wish me luck please, and don’t worry!  This just proves that those f#$%ing Magic Cards NEED to get out of my life ASAP!  XD

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