Welcome to Devon’s Digs!

In this blog I will discuss topics of interest to me.  They include a range of things; examples include museums, Ancient Egypt, archaeology, and religion, to name but a few of the most important.  These posts will revolve mainly around my own musings, but may also be based on current events as well. One may consider these posts as informal writing samples, and examples of my overall work.  Indeed, I will first be posting my Classics Honors Thesis from Beloit College in segments, as an introduction to my academic background and focus of interest.

In addition, this blog serves as my professional website, a place where I can network with future employers, graduate schools, artists, and any other interested parties.  Therefore, images from my past exhibitions will also be available.  Finally, this blog houses my first blog, “egyptcraze”- which acted as a virtual journal from when I studied abroad in the spring semester of 2011. Please feel free to peruse it as well.

Please enjoy my musings!

(C) 2015: Devon Armstrong

Header Created by: Cira Louise Brown and Kacie Rice

Created for: “The Wonder Smith: Children’s Book Illustrations of Boris Artzybasheff.” (on view May 2013)  See my Prior Exhibits page for details.